Thursday, April 19, 2012

The sheep sales list

I thought I would post a sampling of what I am offering for sale this year. The girls are due to start lambing in early May. No pickups will be available during the month of May so that we can allow everyone to lamb down and settle. That being said, if there's something you'd like now, pickups can be arranged until April 26th.


Ewenique Eve - 2008 black/white ewe. Excellent producer. Bred for crossbred lambs to our white BFL ram Amadeus. $250 ewe only. $350 with lamb(s).

Ewenique Bella - 2008 fawn ewe. Also a great producer. Also bred to Amadeus. $300 ewe only. $400 with lamb(s).

If these girls are picked up before they lamb and you do not wish to keep the lambs, the lambs may be returned to me after weaning and purchaser will pay the ewe only price.

Willow Garden Joan Crawford - 2004 black ewe. Bred for purebred Shetland lambs to Riverglen Farm Gizmo (moorit gulmoget krunet sokket). Twins every time. $250 for ewe only. $375 with lamb(s), includes NASSA lamb registration fees.

I have others mature ewes that will be available after they lamb and babies are weaned. They are:

Tatiana - 2006 grey katmoget, $275.
Willow - 2009 grey katmoget, $275. Lovely little ewe.
Bryn - 2009 black. $300. I would consider selling her with her lambs as a package deal as well. She is bred to Willow Garden Stir. $450 with lambs.
Daphne - 2007 grey ewe, $250
Pippin - 2006 Fawn ewe, $250


Petunia - 2011 ewe, light moorit gulmoget sokket krunet. Lovely lovely girl. She is by Wegde, out of Valley Road Sierra. $375.

Lilly - 2011 ewe, black gulmoget. By Wedge, out of Daphne. $350.

I will have a third yearling for sale as well, I just need to decide between two girls that I am still evaluating. Both are sired by V Creek Leo.

WillowGarden Wedge - $300 OBO. Wedge is still available. Black gulmoget ram, great producer. I have a lot of his kids in my flock and so it's time for him to move on. If he is not sold by June, his fate will be as mutton burgers. So make me an offer! I'd rather see him go to good use as a flock sire for someone than end up in my freezer.

ALL of our stock is NASSA registered. Transfer of ownership fees are included in all purchase prices.