Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lambing has started and so has the sales list

Last Thursday, our first lambs were born. I had expected lambs about a week earlier but apparently, the girls decided that the cold, rainy days were not suitable for newborn babies. Thank you girls! I certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

The girls are lambing at a leisurely rate of one ewe per day at the moment and they are being very civilized in their lambing times; no middle of the day or night arrivals so far. Fingers crossed that they continue this way.

Here are the new arrivals so far:

Thursday, May 5th: Ewenique Eve (bred to V Creek Leo)

- Dark brown (moorit?) or black gulmoget ewe lamb with a small krunet. I'm having a hard time identifying her colour right now. I'll have to give it a couple of weeks to get a better idea.
- Dark brown or black gulmoget ram lamb with a small krunet - nice tight soft fleece. Very nice lamb. I will be retaining Eve's daughter and so Eve is now for sale. She can be purchased with her baby boy as a package deal. *hint hint* :-)

Friday, May 6th: Valley Road Sarah (bred to Willow Garden Wedge)
Twin ewe lambs, one black, one moorit gulmoget. Lovely little girls. One will stay for sure, the other may be for sale. Sarah is getting older and didn't keep her weight as well as I would've liked over the winter. I'm very happy that she's given me daughters this year as this is likely to be her last lambs.

Saturday, May 7th: Riverglen Farm Bryn (bred to FirthofFifth Aman)

Twin black ram lambs. Bryn is a first time mom and just like her mother, Hebe, she is doing a fantastic job with her babies. I am not retaining any ram lambs this year so if either of these are of interest to you, let me know.

Sunday, May 8th: Ewenique Bella (bred to Willow Garden Wedge)

A lovely moorit krunet sokket ewe lamb with the nicest fleece. She's a keeper for sure!

Monday, May 9th: Willow Garden Cilantro (bred to Windblest Amadeus)

Our first Shetland x BFL mule ewe lamb was born yesterday. I had to double check my breeding records to see who I'd bred Cilantro to as I couldn't believe my eyes. Baby is a grey katmoget. DH is thinking that he'd like to keep this little girl.

More pics to follow as more babies are born.

As my friend and fellow shepherd would say, Life is good! :-)


  1. Beautiful little lambs! If you get a bfl/shetland cross ram lamb I would be interested in talking trade. Thanks, Michele

  2. Michele, I had a set of twins born last night, one of which is a ram lamb. I'll post pics in the next day or so. DH wants to band all of the boys this year - I'll see if I can hold him off on some of them. :)