Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lambing update - May 18th

We are getting close to the end of lambing 2011!

This morning, our horned ewe WillowGarden Chocolatini gave birth to a lovely fawn katmoget ram lamb. This is a repeat of our 2010 breeding which produced Riverglen Farm Frappucino. Frappucino is now the flock sire over at Windeyer Farm. This year's boy is just as lovely.

This evening, I came home to Riverglen Farm Willow and her two newborn ram lambs. Sire is Wedge. I *think* both boys are grey but it's sometimes hard to tell in the first few days. I may change my mind on their colour next week. Willow is a first time mother this year. She appears to be a very good mother, typical for a Shetland.

So our statistics so far are: 9 sets of twins, 6 singles for a total of 24 lambs out of 15 ewes. We have 6 Shetlands and one crossbred left to lamb down.

And just for Bill, here is the breakdown by sire:

V Creek Leo:
3 sets of twins - 3 ewes, 3 rams
*All of Leo's lambs are on the ground now

FirthofFifth Aman AI:
2 sets of twins, 3 singles - 2 ewes, 5 rams
*We have two ewes bred to Aman that have yet to lamb

WillowGarden Wedge:
2 sets of twins, 2 singles - 4 ewes, 2 rams
*Still 3 ewes bred to Wedge that have yet to lamb

Windblest Amadeus (our BFL ram):
2 sets of twins, 1 single - 3 ewes, 2 rams
*One ewe still to go for Amadeus

Pics of the new additions will follow *hopefully* in the next day or two. Until then...


  1. Hello, I am looking for one or two Shetland sheep to keep my ram company over the summer. We have a small flock of dairy sheep who have been separated from the ram now (who is with the llamas) after lambing. Thanks

  2. Hi Cait, e-mail me at riverglenbcs @ to let me know a bit more about what you're looking for, etc... I have a fairly varied selection of lambs and yearlings available although the yearlings will be leaving the farm in a few weeks' time.